Pay it Forward 2015 – December 19th!!!

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6th Annual Hammer Velo Pay It Forward Xmas Ride for Doernbechers Childrens Hospital….Well its amazing this is the 6th year since we started this great event for some very needy families…Its started with 1 family and built to helping 10 families in 2014, and rasing about 15,000.00 total from Hammer Velo and the other OBRA teams and a few groups that stepped up and took on a family…It was a special Xmas for these 10 families for sure…And an great experience for all involved….We now have the Big Ball rolling again for this Xmas,…Looking for kind souls to donate funds for us to buy gifts for these families and or join us in the ride…dates will be set at a later date on rides….We dress up our bikes with Xmas lights and bells and wear Santa hats etc, deliver the gifts by bike, carrying backpacks, pulling trailers etc….Its a great time of the year to reach out and help these families and give them a Xmas that their kids would probably never see….So if you, your team, friends, famliy want to donate, help, join us, please let me know…. thanks for reading….Myself and Hammer Velo and the folks that help out every year really appreciate any help we get…If you want to donate you can check out the above event link. please send to friends and family with a note for the Xmas ride…. tx Jeff…

Hammer Crit June 4th!


In the meantime, Saturday and Sunday rides typically leave from Water Avenue Coffee at 9am, Monday eve 6:15pm recovery ride from New Seasons on N. WIlliams Ave, Stairs workout or hill repeats on Tuesday evenings, and intervals indoors on Wednesday evenings at 6:20pm. Come get it!

Check for weekend plans and updates!

Pay It Forward Ride this weekend 12/13 and winter training update.

We’re sharing the love, just like last year. The ride will leave from Gateway at 4:30PM on Saturday, 12/13. Please contact Team Captain, Jeff Tedder for details.

As far as training, we’re laying down the base! Show up for a ride with us on a Saturday or Sunday. Check the Facebook feed for details for those. Tuesdays we’re running stairs at Lincoln HS, starting at 6pm and intervals are almost always happening at P.A.C.E. on Wednesday at 6pm.

Upcoming Hammer Velo Events

November 28 — December 1:  Tour de Turkey
4 rides in 4 days should total right around 200 miles
Details to come
November 30:  Hammer Velo Team Party
December 17:  Hammer Velo’s 4th Annual Pay-it-Forward Ride
We will be delivering gifts via decorated bikes to a family with children up at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.
January 4:  Hammer Velo Team Time Trial Challenge
Details to come!

Greg wins at David Douglas #2

Here’s Greg’s race report on his big win at David Douglas #2:

DD2 was my first ever cross race last year, so yesterday was sort of a 1 year CX anniversary for me.

For the first time, I got a call up and was front & center at the start of the race. The mountain biker next to me immediately jumped out of the saddle and took off. My roadie instincts kicked in and I drafted for the first 200 meters or so. As soon as we hit the first grassy patch, he faded and I slingshot past and into the front as we entered the first series of turns. I am used to chasing, not leading, so it felt surreal to be ahead of the pack so early in the race. I decided to go at a hard steady tempo and held the advantage into the single-track descent. I leveraged the lead by hitting the hills hard and kept the pace to the base of the HUGE monster run-up. Rode up the first third to a plateau, walked the next third, slow jogged the last third (my calves were burning at this stage) and emerged from that massive hill just barely in front of the lead group. There were about 5 strong riders right behind me. Continue reading

Bridge of the Gods Ride

Just a re-cap of the Bridge of the Gods ride we did last Sat…..If you were not there, you missed a amazing day of weather for sure….we had a little fog to Camas but after that is was nothing but blue sky and a great group to ride with….We hit the flats at a good tempo and pushed the first big climb hard up to Cape Horn……….re-grouped and went rolling down the long descent and flats into Beacon rock….Then rode into N. Bonneville for our first fuel stop…..Hit the Bridge of the Gods and always fun to take people on this ride that have never ridden out that way and we had a few this time….Back to the west on the trail and we got on the new sections of trail from Bonneville to Warrendale…..Really nice, they have done a great job putting that together… more freeway riding to do this ride….Then we rolled it into Mult. Falls for a quick pee break..Off we went again and tore it up all the way to Crown Point….a big hard effort up to the parking lot by many…..and then re-grouped at the Corbett store…..last fuel stop….then headed into Troutdale and out Marine drive at a good fast tempo….We hit Dekum at 33rd and then the race was on….after 95 miles we went flying down Dekum to Breakside on 8th like it was the finish to Tour de Flanders : ) / Breakside Sprint…..great way to finish a long day in the saddle….More good weather to come…..