Upcoming Hammer Velo Events


November 28 — December 1:  Tour de Turkey
4 rides in 4 days should total right around 200 miles
Details to come
November 30:  Hammer Velo Team Party
December 17:  Hammer Velo’s 4th Annual Pay-it-Forward Ride
We will be delivering gifts via decorated bikes to a family with children up at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.
January 4:  Hammer Velo Team Time Trial Challenge
Details to come!

Greg wins at David Douglas #2

Here’s Greg’s race report on his big win at David Douglas #2:

DD2 was my first ever cross race last year, so yesterday was sort of a 1 year CX anniversary for me.

For the first time, I got a call up and was front & center at the start of the race. The mountain biker next to me immediately jumped out of the saddle and took off. My roadie instincts kicked in and I drafted for the first 200 meters or so. As soon as we hit the first grassy patch, he faded and I slingshot past and into the front as we entered the first series of turns. I am used to chasing, not leading, so it felt surreal to be ahead of the pack so early in the race. I decided to go at a hard steady tempo and held the advantage into the single-track descent. I leveraged the lead by hitting the hills hard and kept the pace to the base of the HUGE monster run-up. Rode up the first third to a plateau, walked the next third, slow jogged the last third (my calves were burning at this stage) and emerged from that massive hill just barely in front of the lead group. There were about 5 strong riders right behind me. Continue reading

Bridge of the Gods Ride

Just a re-cap of the Bridge of the Gods ride we did last Sat…..If you were not there, you missed a amazing day of weather for sure….we had a little fog to Camas but after that is was nothing but blue sky and a great group to ride with….We hit the flats at a good tempo and pushed the first big climb hard up to Cape Horn……….re-grouped and went rolling down the long descent and flats into Beacon rock….Then rode into N. Bonneville for our first fuel stop…..Hit the Bridge of the Gods and always fun to take people on this ride that have never ridden out that way and we had a few this time….Back to the west on the trail and we got on the new sections of trail from Bonneville to Warrendale…..Really nice, they have done a great job putting that together…..no more freeway riding to do this ride….Then we rolled it into Mult. Falls for a quick pee break..Off we went again and tore it up all the way to Crown Point….a big hard effort up to the parking lot by many…..and then re-grouped at the Corbett store…..last fuel stop….then headed into Troutdale and out Marine drive at a good fast tempo….We hit Dekum at 33rd and then the race was on….after 95 miles we went flying down Dekum to Breakside on 8th like it was the finish to Tour de Flanders : ) / Breakside Sprint…..great way to finish a long day in the saddle….More good weather to come…..

Race Report: Fazio Farms

All morning I felt horrible.  My wife encouraged me to stay home and rest.  I deeply considered her advice, but in the end I decided to go for it – it was dry when I left and I had preregistered (didn’t want to throw away $25).  Taking the advice of the organizers I rode to the event.  Wind was strong and it started to rain.  I needed the miles so I didn’t mind.

By the time I got there I was pretty wet and the venue was SUPER sloppy.  It sounded like a totally different course from the morning races.  I immediately worried about my tire selection.  Thank God, Bryan was working the camera because I had a tent to set my bag under and get some relief from the wind and rain.  It felt like true cross weather.

I had a chance to pre-ride and was very thankful.  This was one complicated course and by race time it was even slicker and deeper.  During pre-ride I blew off the course and wiped out in some rocks.  Lovely.  BUT, I learned how to manage a key corner.  I also experienced “The Dragon’s Back” (detailed below), a river of peanut butter mud and a descent into a lefthand berm which had me completely out of my comfort zone.  It was nasty. Definitely a mountain biker’s trail (of which I am not … I struggled).  I found the best tire pressure and was ready.  Continue reading